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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

The Cerezo Theatre / Teatro Cerezo


Address: Paseo del Estatuto, 30

Phone: 954 14 02 18954 14 00 11

Mail: participacion@carmona.org

Website: https://www.carmona.org/bgeneral.php?criterio=participacion+ciudadana


742 audience capacity.

432 in the stalls/box seats.

310 in the upper gallery or “in the gods”.


The Cerezo Theatre was designed by Julián Otamendi and built between 1931 and 1934, becoming the most emblematic building of the town in the 1930s.

It is eclectic in style, with French modernist influence and inspired by Viennese theaters, as shown by its spectacular facade and interior decoration of ceilings, cornices, box seats, and the main stage.

In 2015 some improvements were made, but it was only in 2019 when the building was completely renovated.

Points of interest

This theater is named after Bernardo Enrique Cerezo, the man who paid for all the construction expenses, using part of the money he had won in the lottery. He constructed  a building unique in both its architectural features and its functional capacity. It occupies an entire block and houses, in addition to the theater itself, establishments of various kinds: cafes, offices and the headquarters of the “Peña de la Giraldilla”, a prominent local social club famous for its charitable and cultural activities.

The town council acquired the theatre in 1994, becoming a municipally-run public space for the use and enjoyment of the local citizens, where theatrical performances, opening speeches and other types of cultural events are held and films shown.

One of the most outstanding events held here is the annual competition of carnival groups.

It has been catalogued as an Asset of Cultural Interest and included in the General Catalogue of Andalusian Historical Heritage because it is an excellent example of a building heavily influenced by the Modern Movement.

In 1942 the film “Malvaloca”, by Luis Marquina, became the first film to be shown here, and the Cerezo  is currently the only cinema in our town.



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