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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

Who we are

The Carmona Film Office is the film office of the Carmona Town Hall and was created in 1999. Our objective is to facilitate the work of those companies and professionals from the audiovisual world who want to film in our town. It  is a public entity, run by the municipal tourist department.

The Carmona Film Office offers free information, advice and support to producers, agencies or audiovisual companies to help with the decision-making process related to the undertaking of filming, recording or photographic shoots here and  ensuring that interested companies optimize their human as well as material and economic resources.

Its main mission is to make the town a priority objective of the audiovisual industry, an aim which can also be considered as a part of the overall promotion of the town itself both within and outside of our borders via the promotion of the culture of the image, together with all the ancillary services it generates.

The Carmona Film Office offers a wide range of services designed to save producers time, money and effort. We provide all the necessary information about the town´s historical heritage, the natural and ethnographic information and so on… technical assistance is available to help with getting permissions, coordinating with the public administration, the local police, the town cleaning and infrastructure services, contacts with local accommodation, restaurants or other local professional services in this sector.

Our aim is to be a one-stop “single-window” for audiovisual producers.

As compensation for these services, all productions which have received the help of the Carmona Film Office must reflect this in their credits, via the publication of the name of the Carmona Film Office and the Town Hall of Carmona, as well as all other public or private entities which have contributed to filming. We also ask for a copy of any images or photographs to be deposited in our archive or to be used for future promotions.

The Carmona Film Office is part of the Andalusian Towns In Cinema and forms part of the Andalucía Film Commisión, Spain Film Commisión and is a member of the Association of Film Commissioners International (AFCI).

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