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Roman Bridge


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Leaving Carmona through the Gate of Cordoba, about 900 metres away on the left-hand side of the road, there is  a turn-off which marks the start of the way to the old Roman road which leads to the Roman bridge.

It was rebuilt in medieval times and restored at the end of the 20th century, when part of the Via Augusta which connected Cordoba with Carmona and that passed over the bridge was also restored.

Before this last restoration, there had been very little left of the original Roman bridge that crossed a small stream on the route to Carmona.

Points of Interest

The bridge is composed of five arches and solid cutwaters (the angular edges facing upstream designed to channel the water under the bridge and supported by the bridge pillars) which leads us to assume that there was once an important flow of water in what is now barely a stream with very little water.

The original parts are the stones of the parapet and the slabs on the Roman road.

Without a doubt a walk to the Roman bridge offers both a beautiful excursion and a pleasant walk allowing us to contemplate the beauty of the fertile Corbones plain, the rich fields of crops and to see the town of Carmona from another and very different angle.

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