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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

“Molino De La Romera” / The Romera Mill


Address: C/ Sor Ángela de la Cruz, 8

Phone: 954 14 20 00

Website: http://molinodelaromera.es



It is located on a street called the “Ronda del Cenicero” – literally “ashtray” -, where, until not too long ago, normal residential buildings with small-scale economic activities often linked to the land, such as livestock farming, the use and stabling of pack animals – especially mules -, or agricultural processing, coexisted.

The mill, judging by the evident Mudejar character of its construction, seems to date from the late Middle Ages. The presence of a brick with an inscription in Arabic gives us an insight into a time when the Islamic traditions of a large part of the population were very much alive.

Reformed in the 17th and 18th centuries, its old machinery comprised of millstones and animal-powered grinders, with a tower and beam press. It was in operation until 1937. Afterwards, the mill and beam rooms were used as barns, and the floors and plinths with their black bitumen insulation are still preserved.

Points of interest

Nowadays the Molino de la Romera has been converted into a charming restaurant of the same name, which takes up all the old parts of this beautiful old olive oil mill.

The various rooms – the large room with a fireplace, the room with the beam press, the room with the arches, the room with the vaults that was part of the old barn, the Arab patio with a cistern/tank that stores rainwater in winter and a pergola covered in vines that provides shade and coolness in summer.

Both from the lookout tower, one of the highest points in the town, and from what was a small market, now the restaurant terrace, there are spectacular views.



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