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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

Roman Mausoleo


Address: Paseo del Estatuto (Underground car park)

Phone: 954 19 01 28


This family mausoleum was part of the then main necropolis of Carmona in Roman times. The characteristics of this mausoleum would indicate that it must have belonged to an important local family that lived here between the 1st and 2nd centuries A.D.

The mausoleum was located at a prominent point outside the town, being near to the Via Augusta and the Gate of Seville.

Excavated in rock, its walls were lined with stone ashlars, due to the poor consistency of the terrain.

Access from outside of the tomb was via a staircase that led directly to a chamber where the funerary offerings were placed. The funerary chamber, smaller and containing two niches for placing the urns with the ashes of the deceased, was reached from here.

Points of interest

Although it has not been preserved, there must have been some signalling structure above this underground mausoleum and, given the size of the tomb, it may very well have been a tower.

The mausoleum was discovered in 1995 while construction work was being carried out on the underground car park in the Paseo del Estatuto. It was then decided to integrate the mausoleum into the actual car park, from which it can be visited.



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