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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

San Blas Church


Address: Plazuela de San Blas

Phone: 955 31 39 10



The San Blas church is located in the heart of the old Jewish quarter, one of the oldest neighbourhoods  in the historical quarter. Little is left of its original architecture, as various subsequent alterations have considerably changed its appearance.

Construction began during the reign of king Pedro l, and according to tradition, remains of an old synagogue were incorporated into the new church.

In the 18th century,  much of the original Mudejar look was hidden with the use of wooden and plaster vaults, and the tower was erected.

Facts of interest

The central  nave is covered with a half barrel-vaulted roof and the side naves have groin vaults.

The main altarpiece of Baroque design is outstanding.

The Gothic chapel, built by Fernando Caro, has a sexpartite ribbed vault and here the figure of “Cristo de la Expiración”, sculpted by Eslava Rubio, is worshiped.

In the sacristy, the 16th-century inlaid doors and a decanter or ewer particularly stand out.


The “Illustrious Brotherhood of the Holy Expiration of Christ Our Lord, Mary Most Holy of Sorrows, Mary Most Holy of  Calvary, Saint John the Evangelist and Saint Blaise”, better known as the  Brotherhood of the Expiration.  Its first internal rules were approved in 1640, by the guild of olive grove loggers.

Santísimo Cristo de la Expiración. 

1947,  by Antonio Eslava Rubio.

María Santísima de los Dolores.

17th Century, Anonymous.

Its procession takes place on Holy Tuesday.

The moment when the floats leave and return to San Blas church is worthy of note because of the narrowness of the church´s main door, as is when it passes through the old Jewish quarter, where the faithful of the neighbourhood sing dozens of saetas, which prolongs the ending of the procession well into the early hours of Wednesday.

The penitents wear white robes and capes, with red hoods and cinctures. The floats are carried by 39 costaleros in the case of the float carrying the image of Jesus and 30 costaleros under the float carrying the Virgin.

Web: https://www.expiraciondecarmona.es/base.php

> See more information (“La Expiración” brotherhood)







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