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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

The Hospital of Mercy and Charity


Address: C/ Santa María de Gracia, s/n


It was founded in 1510, thanks to the patronage of Beatriz Pacheco, Duchess of Arcos.

Its main function was to provide free health care for the sick.

In the area just outside the town walls, near the San Pedro church, an association with similar aims was created under the patronage of the Santa Caridad brotherhood.

In 1670, the two charitable foundations merged.

Points of interest

Its impressive brick façade has made it one of the most characteristic buildings in this part of the town.

Among the paintings that decorate the church, the “Coronation of the Thorns”, a work in the somewhat dark and gloomy “tenebrist” style of Gerardo de Honstort, is particularly noteworthy.

The carving of El Cristo de la Misericordia (“The Christ of Mercy”), dating to the second third of the 16th century is of great value.

There is also a collection of twelve Flemish paintings done on copper  with legends alluding to the Creed, dating to the second half of the 17th century.



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