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Traditional cuisine in

Carmona has maintained its rich culinary tradition and culture  composed of a wide variety of high-quality dishes, many peculiar to the town.

The presence of locally grown vegetables  and other produce provides the essential raw materials which form the base of what is a very traditional and popular cuisine, with dishes  so numerous any listing would be interminable ; alboronías, (chopped up  and cooked aubergines, tomato, pumpkin and peppers), spinach, salad dressings, endives in ground pepper, tomato soup, asparagus stalks, “papa” en Amarillo, (potatoes cooked with cod and saffron), gazpacho, (cold tomato-based soup),  migas, (a dish made with fried breadcrumbs)  gachas, (an oatmeal porridge-like mixture) wild asparagus with curdled egg, wild thistle stew, chickpea stew, pigs trotters and, for breakfast,  crispy toast spread with  coloured dripping containing chunks of pork.

Regarding desserts,  the influence left by the Moors is evident, and the local convents have a long history of cake baking. Some especially worthy of mention are the torta inglesa, a cake unique to Carmona. The story goes that French-born English archeologist George Bonsor, one of the men who rediscovered the Roman Necropolis here, asked for a cake every morning for breakfast and inadvertently gave his name to this tasty cake…   sweet buns – los bollos de aceite, rice pudding, torrijas bañadas de vino dulce y miel – fried toasted bread soaked with sweet wine and honey – polvorones  caseros – homemade sweet  shortbread -, almond cakes and the delicious “stew” made with  chestnuts and cinnamon.

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