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Enjoy our festivals

The Three Kings Parade

Date: 5th  January

Organized  by the “Giraldilla” charitable association, the colourful “Three Kings” parade passes through the streets  of the town  provoking excitement among all the children watching the spectacle. The Three Kings also visit local orphanages and convents  giving out presents to the children there.

>> See the parade brochure

>> Watch the video.

La Giraldilla Association:


Date: February

A very popular festival ever since it was revived in 1984 after the censorship it suffered under the Franco dictatorship. It has become important especially because the provincial association of carnival groups holds its annual competition here, where street entertainers (“murgas”, “comparsas”, “chirigotas” and  “cuartetos”) all of exceptional quality compete…

>> Carnival Association Webpage

Holy Week

Date: March-April.

In the days of Holy Week Carmona is transformed into an exceptional stage through which the religious processions pass. Its narrow streets, peaceful squares, steep  inclines  or the impressive, historical and imposing Gate of Seville fortress all combine to transform the processions into a unique combination of sobriety, devotion and beauty. There are eight brotherhoods which hold their processions from Palm Sunday until Good Friday.

>> See video

Council of Religious Brotherhoods:

Las Mayas

Date: 1st May

On this day, the younger population “invade”  the streets of Carmona carrying crosses covered in  flowers. There is a “Mayas” contest where painstakingly prepared smaller versions of the Holy Week floats are carried in mini-processions by young people in what is an event well worth seeing. This competition is organized by the “La Giraldilla” Association.

>> See video

The spring fair

Date: Third Week of May.

It is particularly noteworthy for the size and sumptuousness of its permanent pavilions  – as opposed to the colourful marquees which are set up only for the period of the fair. Worthy of mention is the time-honoured custom of women dressing up in traditional flamenco dresses, which gives the festivity a colour and atmosphere which is very similar to that found in the April Fair in Seville.

The fair of Carmona dates to 1466,  when king Henry IV of Castille conceded the privilege of holding an annual cattle fair to the town of Carmona

>> See video

Friends of the Guitar Association:

Corpus Christi

Date:  May-June

On this day the Holy Sacrament is carried around the town in the splendid silver monstrance created by Francisco de Alfaro (1579-84), escorted by Civil Guards and members of the local town council, as well as representatives of all the local religious brotherhoods. On some stretches of the route the streets are carpeted with reed and flower petals and altars are placed along the sides of the streets.

Pilgrimage in honour of the Virgin Grace/Virgen de Gracia

Date: First Sunday of September

A long-standing and hugely popular pilgrimage which goes from the town to the Virgen de Gracia hermitage, located about a kilometre  outside Carmona.

>> See video

Brotherhood of the Virgen de Gracia:

Local festivities

Date: From 8th to 16th September.

The “Novena” is held in honour  of the town patroness,  the Virgin Grace, the  Virgen de Gracia. It is one of the most popular festivities here among people originally from Carmona, but who live away from the town, and who return to their hometown roots for a few days.  A wide range of cultural and sporting activities,                     children´s games and concerts take place.

The Pilgrimage of Saint Matthew/San Mateo.

Date: 21st September.

The commemoration of the conquest of Carmona by the Christian king Fernando III (“the Saint”) in 1247 is celebrated on this day and takes place in area surrounding the San Mateo hermitage, built on the outskirts of the town.

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