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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

The shrine of our Lady of Grace/ Hermita Nuestra Señora de Gracia


Address: Extension of Dolores Quintanilla Street.

Phone: 954 19 00 99





Legend has it that way back in 1290 the Virgin of Grace appeared in the spot where the chapel is located today.

In the 14th century the construction of a monastery began, one which over the centuries has belonged to different monastic orders all of which guarded the image of the Virgin, notably the Cistercians of San Isidoro del Campo and soon after the Hieronymites order, who remained there until the expropriation of church property in the 19th century.

The building, which suffered considerable damage in the earthquakes of 1504 and 1755, had to be restored again in 1911 and once more in the mid-seventies, leaving it its current appearance.

The Virgin was moved from here to the Priory of Santa Maria in 1835.

Points of interest

The church has a single nave, divided into two sections with vaulted ceilings and powerful exterior buttresses.

The chapel is presided over by a Neoclassical altarpiece, in which a Baroque canvas with a painting of the Virgin of Grace stands out.

Baroque canvases hang on the walls and a wrought iron pulpit is preserved on one side.

On the outside, to the right of the building, there is a spring or well decorated with tiles alluding to the apparition of the Virgin.



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