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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

The Hermitage of Saint Matthew/ Hermita de San Mateo


Address: Cuesta de San Mateo, s/n

Phone: 954 14 00 11



Located under the old defensive gate of Morón, now lost.

It was built by the town as a token of gratitude to the Saint Matthew, whose saint´s day coincided with the conquest of Carmona and when the town became part of the Crown of Castile, on September 21, 1247.

Construction began in the 14th century.

Points of interest

The church has three naves: the lateral ones have wooden roofs and the central one has a groin vault. The naves are separated by pointed horseshoe arches framed by rectangular alfices  mouldings.

Inside there are no objects of worship, except for the remains of a mural, perhaps dating from the 15th century, representing Saint Lucy.



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