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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

Las Descalzas Convent


Address: Plazuela del Marqués de las Torres



The congregation of nuns called the “Agustinas  Descalzas  Recoletas” have their home here.

It was founded in 1629 in somewhat fraudulent circumstances and apparently against the wishes of the Carmona town council.

Despite this, it was inaugurated in 1748 with solemn ceremony.

Points of interest

The entire church has the rich architectural decoration so typical of the Baroque period, culminating in its façade with its double doorway and tower.

The unfinished high altarpiece is particularly noteworthy.

Of special interest is the sacristy tabernacle made of polychrome wood.

When processions to the Virgin of Grace were still taking place, they entered through the right-hand doorway and left via the left-hand doorway, passing in front of the choir, where the nuns used to sing songs for the occasion.



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