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How to film in Carmona

The Carmona Film Office is here to help companies make arrangements for audiovisual projects in our town.

To ask for permission to film here, you need to fill in the following Application to Film  and send an application form to turismo@carmona.org.

All permissions to film must be accompanied by a photocopy of an identifying document for the person or entity who have applied for said permission.

The Carmona Film Office will require a report to be submitted  – as early as possible – with as much detail as possible about the characteristics of the film shoot, staging, recording schedule, timetables, places to be filmed  and so on, to allow the Carmona Film Office to help arrange all the paperwork needed for the authorization of filming.



1.- Municipal taxes.

Production companies, as well as paying film fees, also have to pay the expenses incurred by local municipal services (local police, firefighters, cleaning, electricity, water, gas and so on), stemming from any filming undertaken in the streets or municipal property.

2.- Closing/occupation of public roads.

This type of municipal service requires the payment of municipal fees which must be paid  by the applicant. To close or occupy public roads, the corresponding permission must be applied for at least 10 days in advance. These fees are  charged in accordance with the current Tax Ordinance.

3.- Vehicle parking, loading and unloading.

Carmona, as a town with a rich architectural legacy and with a historical quarter that has restricted access for traffic, parking, and size limitations, requires that all applicants must supply the most accurate information possible about their needs.  They must inform us of all the number plates and characteristics of their vehicles and, if any of them exceed 3,500 kilos in weight, they must comply with the special regulations for this type of vehicle.

4.- Historical Buildings and their surroundings:

It is necessary to present a detailed report of the shooting schedule and its characteristics so that the Carmona Film Office can present it to the Municipal Commission of Patrimony and other competent bodies, based on the Law of Historical Patrimony of Andalusia, as well as all other current regulations.

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