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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

Marquis of San Martin or Count of Rodezno Palace-House


Address: c/ Ramón y Cajal, 12

Phone: 954 19 12 26

Website: http://casapalaciomarquesdesanmartin.es


The palace-house stands out for its interesting 18th century bay window at the top of the house, made of Tuscan brick pilasters and with a balcony between pinnacles covered by a small roof.

This wonderful palace-house has 9 patios and consists of two distinct parts; the work area, with the stables area decorated with marble columns in what is a clearly Mudejar-influenced style; the stables themselves and the barn where centuries-old utensils are stored; and the two-storey  living area, with an interior patio decorated with arches in three of its lower galleries.

Today it belongs to the Marquis of Caltojar and has been in his family ever since King Ferdinand  III, known as “the Saint”, conquered Seville.

It is decorated in exactly the same way as it was centuries ago, which gives us a valuable  insight into what life was like in the past.

Points of interest

In the house there are parts dating to different historical periods, with Islamic or Mudejar courtyards and corridors.

“The red living room” and “the blue living room”, decorated by the grandmother of the actual Marquis of Caltojar in accordance with prevailing tastes in the period of Isabel II (19th century). This decoration allows us to imagine what life was like in years gone by.

Both the “noble” part of the house and the working area have been the settings for several films shot in Carmona.

>> See Carmona Film Office



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