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184 Main Collins Street West Victoria 807

The Palace-House of Don Alonso Bernal Escamilla.


Address: C/ General Freire, 3


It is also known as the Turmos Palace.

On the lintel of the main door there is an inscription reminding us that king Philip IV and his brother, Prince Charles, once stayed here. The chains that hang on the facade in memory of this event led to the building being known ever since as the “Casa de las Cadenas”, the house with the chains….

The building consists of three parts:

–  The summer house, with six living rooms, six bedrooms, a bathroom, kitchen and pantry, cupboards and so on;

– The winter quarters;

– The working part of the building, of immense proportions.

Points of interest

The whitewashed façade is dominated by a large eighteenth-century stone doorway with Tuscan columns.

Under the curved pediment of the facade, adorned with straight and curved geometric lines and decorated with pinnacles, we can see the coat of arms of the original owners.

The main courtyard or patio is square in shape and is perfectly proportioned.



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